Blatt Financial Group Client Roundtable Starts out with “How to make money in South Florida Real Estate Market”

017One of the questions that always seems to come up as a new client decides to work with Blatt Financial Group is, ‘what differentiates you from other financial and law firms?’ Beyond the excellent communication and knowledge, it is our ability to allow our clients to make informed decisions through education. Through the recent client survey we sent, we have discovered that clients want more information and lively discussion around topics other than financial planning. Thus, the Blatt Financial Group Monthly Roundtable Discussions were born. These are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 P.M. in our office.

The first one had two of our clients lead a roundtable discussion about “how to make money in real estate in South Florida”. We had 2 speakers for this discussion, Larry Rothenberg a Boca Raton real estate attorney who is an expert at picking rental income properties; and Bobby Bigone, a real estate agent and property manager. Together they advise on over 100 properties. The feedback from this group included the following: ‘I now know exactly how to select the right rental property in Port Saint Lucie and I learned 6 additional things regarding how to make an informed decision about property selection.’

How to select property and should you buy a rental property now? That is the question on everyone’s mind. I would argue as a believer of asset allocation that real estate is a good asset class to own. However, in 2007 it would be a terrible time to buy. If I decided to buy a property I do know what to look for and I also know how to communicate better with experts.

013In our next round table we will have 2 presenters (clients of our firm) who are experts on Identity theft. One of them is an accountant who recently took an IRS led class on tax return identity theft. The other is in law enforcement and is very knowledgeable about identity theft. Please RSVP to attend and plan on bringing  a friend or family member who can benefit from either of financial or legal assistance. These roundtables are the perfect opportunity for you to bring a friend or family member that you want to refer to our firm!